The smooth basalt stones are heated in water and are used along with the hands to create a relaxing, soothing but very beneficial treatment.

Hot stone massage is excellent for really tight, tense muscles and has more of an impact than a standard massage leaving you feeling deeply relaxed and your muscles free.

A hot stone massage feels like a real treat but few people know how beneficial the treatment can be. The heat from the stones expands blood vessels, which promotes blood flow and therefore healing but the heat also relaxes the muscles, which means the therapist can work deeper in the muscle with little discomfort.

Please note that this type of massage is not suitable during pregnancy or for those with very high blood pressure.

Hot Stone Massage Treatments
Hot Stone Neck and Shoulders £32.50
Hot Stone Lower Back £32.50
Hot Stone Legs £32.50
Hot Stone Full Back £43.50
Hot Stone Legs and Back £46.50
Hot Stone Neck and Shoulders and Legs £46.50
Hot Stone Shoulders, Back and Legs £54.50