As of 1st October 2017 there will be an additional £10 cost and 15 minutes in time added to all FIRST treatments for new clients. All other prices will stay the same and after the initial session, all standard prices will apply.

This was a difficult decision for me to make as those of you who know me will be well aware that I HATE raising my prices! I have come to understand though that although I allow additional time for a consultation at the first treatment (this allows me to take your details, find out about why you’ve come to see me, understand any injuries/painful areas and decide with you what treatments would be best and also whether massage is for you), I also need additional time to carry out that first treatment.

I have never charged an additional cost for the consultation as I am not happy to do that but I do want to give everyone who makes the decision to come and see me, the best treatment I can and that means spending a bit more time on that first massage.

You will NOT be paying any more than my other treatments it will just be a longer treatment time than the standard prices. The cost is the same as the BOOST treatments that I recently offered which offer additional time on one area rather than the 30-35 minutes needed for a single treatment.

My massages are NOT standard, set routines, and I tailor every single treatment to the individual that walks through the door and the reason that they have come to see me.

If you’re already one of my lovely clients then this changes nothing for you and if you’re (hopefully) about to become one then I will be offering you a much better initial service and I look forward to meeting you  soon.

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