*Book a Neck & Shoulders or Lower Back treatment and upgrade to Full Back for £5*

Whether you’re trying a back massage for the first time or if you only ever have your shoulders or lower back treated, why not upgrade this month and see what a difference it makes working on the whole of the back?

Many people carry stress and tension in their shoulders so by using a specialist massage chair which supports your back and enables me to work effectively across the whole area I can help to reduce discomfort and leave your shoulders feeling free and your neck more mobile.

By moving on to the treatment couch and also working on the lower back I can help to ease the discomfort felt from sitting, lifting, twisting and general lower back pain. The whole treatment can take place on the couch if you prefer.

Why not upgrade and combine both treatments this month and see if it makes a difference to you?

Offer price £30

Neck & Shoulders or Lower Back is £25 and Full Back is usually £35 and will revert to this price from 1 April 2017.

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