The treatment couch is moved aside for pregnancy treatments, which take place on comfy futon cushions on the floor so no pressure is put onto your bump or your back.

Sessions are tailored to you but the whole body can be worked on, including bump, as baby will love to be part of the treatment too!

Treatments can take place at any time during pregnancy, through labour and beyond but many people will choose to wait until after the first trimester is over before having a treatment.

Birth plan and partner sessions are also available giving the opportunity of some basic massage at home as well as putting together a working birth plan and also labour techniques for both mum and birth partner.

The birth partner, whether it be a spouse, mum, friend or anyone else, is extremely important in the labour room but often feel helpless and a bystander. Sessions cover labour massage, support and positioning techniques as well as being the ‘voice’ of mum if labour is taking her attention elsewhere.

Post-natal home visits are also available within the first month after birth for mums who have been for pregnancy treatments.

Pregnancy Treatment
(Session time approx. 75 minutes)
*First treatment will be £60 and an additional 15 minutes
Pregnancy Massage £50
Pregnancy Packages
3 Treatments £140
5 Treatments £230
10 Treatments £450

If baby arrives before treatments are used, packages can be converted to full body treatments and used post-natally.